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Before applying for full membership in the North American Academy of Liturgy, candidates are expected to participate twice in the Annual meeting as approved visitors.  Visitors have an opportunity to explore and select their seminar, meet with the Academy’s leadership, and even present their work.

Attend the Annual Meeting

Attendance at the annual meeting is limited to NAAL Members and Visitors. Visitor Status is granted to those applicants who currently possess or are near completion of the qualifications for membership, those who are currently studying as graduate students, or invited guests.

First time visitors must apply for visitor status before they can register for the annual meeting (deadline: September 15). Returning visitors may register for the annual meeting using the link below.

The application deadline for Visitor Status has been extended through September 30, 2023.

First Time Visitors: Apply for Visitor Status Returning Visitors: Register
Becoming a member

Visitor status is granted for a four-year period in which visitors must attend two times and no more than three before applying for membership. Exceptions may be made for “student visitors” who are not yet ready to apply for membership after three visits to the Academy’s annual meeting.

To apply for membership, complete your application by September 15. You will also need recommendations from your seminar convener and one other NAAL member.

Apply for Membership

A limited number of scholarships to offset the cost of registration for the Annual Meeting are available to both members and visitors.

Apply by November 1

Scholarship recipients will be notified in time to complete early registration.

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Emerging Scholars

Meet other emerging scholars at the annual meeting!

Emerging Scholars is a group for liturgy scholars in the early stages of their career, particularly tailored to the needs of those in graduate school up through the first few years of their first permanent position. Anyone is welcome to attend the Emerging Scholars meetings. They provide a space for peer-to-peer networking, advice on writing and job searches, a spotlight on the work of visitors and new members, and an introduction to the work of the Academy, as well as giving emerging scholars a chance to reflect on the future of the Academy.

Contact Ed Foley and Kim Belcher for more information or check the annual meeting schedule for details at the upcoming meeting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the Annual Meeting for the first time can be a little intimidating! Check out our FAQs for tips and information about the annual meeting and becoming a member.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

As an ecumenical and inter-religious association of liturgical scholars, the pursuit of more equitable, diverse, and inclusive practices is core to our scholarship and membership.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Accessibility