Visitor Status
Information and Application

Before applying for full membership in the North American Academy of Liturgy (NAAL), candidates are ordinarily expected to participate twice in the Annual Meeting as approved visitors.

Attendance at the annual meeting is limited to NAAL Members and Visitors. Visitor Status is granted to those applicants who currently possess or are near completion of the qualifications for membership. The first visit to the annual meeting introduces visitors to the academy and its work. During this first meeting, visitors explore seminars of interest and by the end of the meeting they choose a seminar in which they desire to participate. At the second meeting, visitors continue to participate actively in the work of this seminar.

Visitor status is granted for a four-year period in which visitors must attend two times and no more than three before applying for membership. Exceptions may be made for “student visitors” who are not yet ready to apply for membership after three visits to the Academy’s annual meeting.

Visitor status may also be extended to those who do not intend to apply for membership, but who ask or are asked to attend a particular Annual Meeting for professional reasons. These will usually be persons proposed by the Convener of a particular seminar or by the Academy Committee.

Use the following form to Apply for Visitor Status no later than September 15 prior to the Annual Meeting you would like to attend.

Questions about this application should be directed to the Past President.