Formation for Liturgical Prayer

The Formation for Liturgical Prayer seminar is shaped by a commitment to cultivating a profound awareness and analysis of the forces that affect formation for liturgical prayer. To achieve this purpose, the seminar members reflect, study, and dialogue on the ecclesial, social, psychological, pastoral, and cultural conditions that bear upon the celebration of liturgy. Embedded in the mission of the seminar is the development of scholarly writing to support the vision of the seminar.


Margaret Schreiber, OP

Seminar Report 2020


Prayer Patricia J. Hughes, DMin, Director of the Office of Worship, Catholic Diocese of Dallas; adjunct professor at the University of Dallas

Members in Attendance

Stanislaus Campbell, Jeremy Gallet, Paul Janowiak, Anne C. McGuire, Roc O’Connor, Michael Prendergast, Margaret Schreiber, Joyce Ann Zimmerman

Visitors in Attendance

Kyle Turner, David Wood

Description of Work

Strong anticipation of producing/publishing an informed set of articles focusing on “how Catholic liturgists would reflect on, respond to, and/or recreate seminary formation for Catholic presbyters,” provided key insights and rich discussion. Essentially, this discussion flowed from the seminar’s 2018 initial study of Katarina Schuth’s Seminary Formation (Liturgical Press, 2016).

A thesis statement was developed for the projected work, using the spirit of the liturgy as the basis for the expression of gifts. Each member contributed to topic development, based on group dialogue, individual expertise, and collective enthusiasm for the project. A visit from Timothy O’Malley of the McGrath Institute for Church Life gave encouragement for the focus of the project, and added substance and advice regarding how this project might be produced: rather than a podcast or a published work, possibly a series of videos to be produced by Notre Dame’s McGrath Institute for Church Life, Notre Dame Center for Liturgy.

A secondary focus, as an enrichment opportunity, led seminar members to join the Christian Initiation Seminar for Paul Turner’s exposition of the (not-yet-released until January 6th, 2020) publication of the newly revised Order of Baptism of Children ritual text. Following a brief history of the ritual text for Baptism, Fr. Turner’s presentation centered on words that are new in the ritual text, and aspects of the language that were more faithful to the principles of translation. Some parallels to the RCIA process were noted, also the identical blessing (if needed) for the baptismal water and the Blessing of Baptismal Water at the Easter Vigil.

A contribution to the envisioned project was submitted by Paul Janowiak, reviewed, and constituted a draft that reflected on the presbyter who “represents Christ in community and Sacrament” (David Power), and who is “raised up by bending low” (Janowiak).

Other Work and Plans for the Future

All members of this seminar chose a topic (based on the 2019 discussions) and agreed to develop and submit a solid draft of each person’s topic at the 2021 seminar.