Seminar Conveners
Tools and Resources

Seminar Convener Guidelines

Conveners lead the Seminar groups by facilitating the goals set out in the mission statement of each Seminar.

This work is carried out in three distinct timeframes:

  • in preparation for the Academy meeting;
  • during the Academy meeting itself;
  • in follow-up after the Academy meeting.

Seminar conveners generally serve for three years. When appropriate, the current convener facilitates naming a new convener.

  • Collect and distribute papers
    Solicit papers from the seminar participants and distribute them to the other seminar members.
  • Prepare summer report
    Report to the Seminar Delegate no later than July 15. This is a preliminary report of plans and needs for the upcoming Academy meeting.
  • Finalize agenda and needed equipment for Academy meeting
    and communicate that information to the Seminar Delegate by September 1 so that the agenda may be printed in the Academy meeting program.
  • Communicate number of those planning to attend
    Communicate projected seminar numbers to the Seminar Delegate by September 1 so that an appropriately-sized meeting room can be assigned.

The convener’s task during the Academy meeting is to facilitate the work of the seminars.

This includes the following responsibilities:

  • Welcome visitors, especially those expecting to apply for Academy membership.  You will be expected to write a recommendation for visitors who apply for Academy membership the following year.
  • Ensure that the proposed agenda for the seminar is carried out.
  • Encourage participation by all members.
  • Ensure that time is spent generating future projects and plans and evaluating the seminar’s work.
  • Encourage the submission of major seminar papers to Proceedings.
  • Review and draft responses for the Seminar Convener’s Report with participants.
  • Communicate with the editor of Proceedings for information solicited by the editor.
  • By February 15, submit the Seminar Report Form. Complete and submit the Seminar Report form below.  This report includes both your seminar’s assessment of the annual meeting and a summary report of the seminar’s work to be published in Proceedings.

  • By September 15, submit recommendations for visitors applying for membership. Write recommendations for visitors applying for Academy membership.  These recommendations are to be submitted online to the Delegate for Membership. You will receive an email notification when seminar participants apply for membership.


Application for membership in the Academy requires a recommendation from the candidate’s seminar convener.  This recommendation only needs to be completed at the request of a current applicant for membership from your seminar.

Web pages are updated annually every February according to the information provided in the Seminar Convener Reports following the Annual Meeting.  Updates to your web page can be submitted the rest of the year using this form.