Words to live by:
"Everything seems impossible until it’s done"


Research Study Assistant

Ms. Bozen joined the SOAAR team in 2017 after graduating from Saint Louis University. She works on our FORWARD, FAMILY, iTRACC, Solid Food Introduction, and Peanut Addendum Guideline Adherence studies. She assists in recruiting, creating survey instruments, writing manuscripts, and creating psycho-educational materials- just to name a few. Ms. Bozen also enjoys designing marketing and educational materials. Additionally, she plans our food allergy and asthma conferences, which include Midwest Food Allergy Consortium for Education & Science (FACES) and the Conference for Asthma Research and Education (CARE). Ms. Bozen also leads our Community Research and Medicine Club at Francis W. Parker School.

Fun fact:
Alexandria founded Shared Attire Clothing Drive. By partnering with the Chicago Food Depository and Hyde Park Union Church, her team serves anywhere from 200-400 individuals per month. To learn more about our efforts or donate your gently used attire, check out our Instagram (@shared_attire) and Facebook (@SharedAttire).
Lockport, Illinois